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2 + 3 sofas

A 2 + 3 sofas is the perfect combination for any size room.
The inclusion of two different sizes of sofas gives individuality and a perfect fit to every corner of your living room.
A mixture of fabrics, textures and colours are available to create the perfect decor environment for your living room.
See all your options at Abode.

Mosset is a model of unsurpassed comfort thanks to its multi-position reclining heads and its electric relax mechanism.Composition:Pine wood frame and particle board. Seat cushions in certified HR-35Kg polyurethane foam. Backrest of certified HR-25 Kg polyurethane foam. Suspension o..
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Functionality, beauty and great precision in its details and finishes. Fenix is luxury at your fingertips.Composition:Pine wood frame and particle board. Seat cushions in certified HR-35Kg polyurethane foam + 250 g fiber. Back of micro-fibers with special silicone fixation. High qua..
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Inua Sofa Inua Sofa
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The INUA sofa has been designed to adapt to the needs of our time having in mind all the product details and the manufacture of upholstered furniture.It has a contemporary appearance in all kind of spaces. The liftable backrest adds the optimal comfort of a high backrest, thanks to the..
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Axis Sofa Axis Sofa
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Axis seeks the essence of the objects to become a powerful sign of expression.Through the refining of shapes we obtain a model of precise lines in which the movement of the arm in which we see the different and convenient positions at one’s disposal.Additionally, its characteristic cus..
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Egos Sofa Egos Sofa
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Egos designed to adorn contemporary and harmonic spaces in which the details are of great importance. With the possibility of choosing between two different types of arms.Sofa or modules greater than 200 cm are prepared so that arms can be removed on site.Includes a throw cushion for each ar..
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The Army sofa is available as a 2 or 3 seater.Price based on Type A fabric. Choose the desired color code from the catalog, and enter it in the required field to complete your order. Available in differents colours, textures and fabrics...
Ex Tax:405.69€
Nimo Sofa Nimo Sofa
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A model with a contemporary line in which the compact shapes confer strength and comfort. The deep seat cushion features an elastic seating that adapts perfectly to different anatomies.The finishing touches of this piece stand out, with stitching and edges attending to the smallest detail that m..
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A timeless sofa with clean lines, its great comfort and the options offered by its modularity make Arcos suitable for any living room style or space.Composition:Pine wood frame and particle board. Seat cushions in certified HR-35Kg polyurethane foam + special fixing micro-fibers. Holl..
Ex Tax:1,137.40€
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